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Staging Services to Fit Every Need

 Occupied Staging utilizes what you already have to transform your home into what a buyer is looking for. 

We offer both Occupied and Vacant Staging services in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Occupied Staging Services:

Consultation and Detailed Staging Report

In this intensive and fun two-hour consultation, we will be using a detailed Staging Report/Checklist to write down everything that needs to be done to prepare the home to get the best price possible!

  • We start with a phone interview, so I can research your buyer demographic and prepare for our Consultation. Using a detailed staging checklist, we walk through the home and discuss optimal, BIG return-on-investment, staging strategies that are designed to have an emotional impact on your buyers
  • The detailed report also includes my essential "Open House Checklist" and "Closet Organization Checklist"

Half-Day Staging Service

This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves and physically staging the main areas of the home based upon the Staging Report recommendations.

  • We will make HUGE transformations using what you have to make the most of each space! Utilizing your existing decor/furnishings significantly reduces the cost of staging.
  • For a minimal rental fee, we can bring in gorgeous staging accessories or provide a shopping list so you can purchase updated decor. You can use these purchases to decorate your new home. These simple changes will have a high impact in professional photos.
  • Our Half-Day staging service (up to 4 hours, staging 3-4 primary rooms) will prepare your home for eye-catching on-line photos that professionally represent your home. These photos will entice buyers to flock to view your home in person and often create competitive bidding/offers.

Full Day Staging Service

Do you have a larger home (over 2000 square feet) that could use more than a few hours of work?  No problem!

  • We will make HUGE transformations using what you have to make the most of each space!
  • For a minimal rental fee, I can supply gorgeous staging accessories/furnishings. As an alternative, I can provide a shopping list for you to purchase, and keep, to decorate your new home. These accessories will guarantee higher impact photos.
  • We will work for up to 8 hours in the home (scheduled in 2 separate blocks of time).

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to staging day.
Any additional hours (beyond 8 hours) will be charged $100/hour.

Vacant Staging Services:

Vacant Home Staging Solutions

Vacant Homes are a blank canvas. Chances are you are not an artist, so you will need help creating a complete picture. Our staging can "paint" the home that will excite and delight the buyer. Empty homes are in special need of staging and here is where we shine!  We provide options that other staging companies do not...

  • Starting with a home assessment, we deliver a proposal that provides options to fit every budget.
  • We select furnishings and decor that honor the style of the home and consider buyer demographics. We stage the home with "buyer's eyes", while considering current design trends. 
  • Pricing is per room/3 room minimum. Fees are contingent upon size, style and luxury level of the home.
  • You set the budget and timeframe for staging to be completed.

Prior to staging day, the home must be cleaned and free of debris and construction materials. Painting and flooring need to be completed prior to staging day.

(A $100 initial home assessment fee is credited back to your total vacant service when you hire us).

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How to stage and sell for the most $$

Three Phases to Home Staging


Maximizing What You Have, so That it Appeals to Buyers

You will be amazed at the dramatic transformations I will be able to accomplish in a single Staging Day using what you already have!  Successful home staging must make financial sense and I am experienced and trained in making the most of your current belongings in order to turn buyer traffic into offers.  We will start with a free phone Consultation to get the details about your home. You may be asked to provide photos in order to give an accurate assessment and quote. We will also discuss which staging option would work best for you. 


Recommended Purchases or Rentals as “Investments” in Selling Your Home

Working within your budget, I will only recommend purchases that will MORE than pay for themselves in the speed and dollar amount of sale. As an alternative, we charge a nominal fee to rent from our decor/accessory inventory. These design details will guarantee fantastic photos for your Realtor’s marketing efforts and to attract Internet traffic.  Over 95% of home buyers are online searching for homes BEFORE they visit a home, so we want to make an excellent first impression and compel them to come to your home.


Simple Yet Dramatic Cosmetic Updates and Changes for ROI

Depending on your budget and timing, we may suggest painting or other cosmetic improvements that will result in a high return on investment.  I will tell you which rooms and improvements are “worth it.” You are under no obligation to follow our recommendations, however, they are offered by an experienced stager, who knows how to create that "WOW" factor and is on your team: TO SELL QUICKLY AND FOR HIGHER PROFIT!

of Staged Homes sold for at least 9-25% MORE
of Staged Homes sold for at least 6-25% MORE
of Seller's Agents believe staging has a positive impact

Staging FAQs

Although professional staging is a relatively new industry, people have been "fixing up" their homes to sell for decades.  These days, due to HGTV, home buyers have an "expectation" and are willing to pay quite a bit more for a home that is professionally "staged".

If you could get 10% more on the sale of your home, wouldn't that be worth the staging investment?

What is home staging?

Home Staging is the preparation of a home to sell by a professional who specializes in this form of design and has been certified and trained on the art of home staging.  Many definitions you have seen no doubt stop after the word “sell” and that is part of the big misconception and devaluation of home staging. A professional home stager has the resources and can objectively view the home as a product and highlight its assets while downplaying its flaws. The home seller cannot view their home objectively, while many successful Realtors do not have the time or trade resources to properly stage a home.

How much does home staging cost?

For as little as a few hundred dollars you can have a detailed list of what you can do to maximize the value of your home!  

Why can't I stage my own home?

Home sellers are usually incapable of successfully staging their own home. Why? Because our homes are like our children, we don’t always see all of its flaws. We’ve gotten used to the way it looks and in fact it is difficult emotionally to change it. If you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and package it effectively. Not to mention most home sellers don't "stage" homes everyday for a living. That’s what HSR Certified professionals are for and that is where the greatest returns come in.

Why do I need to stage?

Even if your house sells quickly in a good market, it doesn’t mean it sold for the amount it would have sold for had it been professionally staged. Remember, HSR Certified professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average for10%+ more in a good market (see the Latest Home Staging Statistics).

Can't home buyers use their imagination and look past my decor or empty rooms?

Only a mere 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home and most of these folks are "investors" or "flippers" who will hammer you on price.  In our Consultation walk through, I will identify those "price eroding" factors of your home, so that you can do the simple fixes that maximize returns. 

This is also why having a vacant home professionally staged is so important. Buyers cannot visualize size and scale so furniture helps to give them a frame of reference.

HSR Certified Stagers average 10% more for their clients.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

According to a study of over 13,000 homes by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), professionally staged homes sell much faster, averaging only 23 days on market!

Staged Homes Provide Return on Investment

With an average investment of 1%, approximately 75% of home sellers saw a 5-15% over asking price return on investment!

Staged Homes Sell for More Money

In that same RESA Study of 13,000 homes, 85% sold for 5-23% over list price!

Top Ten Reasons to Stage

8-Steps In Each Room So Buyers Fall In Love

Interior Decorating NE believes that successful staging is the art of using marketing and design techniques to create an environment that buyers can “aspire” to.  “If I buy this house, I can live like this.”  At Interior Decorating NE we use the art of “positioning” to create several “emotional connection points” throughout the home so that when a buyer steps into the house they “feel home.”  This is it.  This is the one. 

What does “feeling home” look like?  For Interior Decorating NE, it’s a combination of eight aspects we analyze in each room to create an unforgettable first impression, and lasting impression on the homebuyer:
First Impressions

We will walk through your home room by room, taking note of our first impressions, what grabs us, what glares at us, and what gives us a feeling of home.

Eliminating Clutter 

The packing starts now, also known as "decluttering". For the "Staging Consultation" (DIY option), we will  provide a checklist of tasks designed to clear excess, and pack away currently unused items. We have created the "Store-Donate-Discard" system to help organize these tasks. The goal is to create a more clean, open and spacious feel.

Emphasizing the Positive Elements of the Space

Finding your beautiful focal points, we emphasize what we love about the room and hide or distract from any negative aspects of the rooms. We can create the illusion of more space or "cozy up" oversized/multi-purpose rooms. 

Lighten Up

Focusing on lighting and color, we create bright, warm and inviting spaces that will appeal to buyers.

Home Buyer’s Appeal

In order for a buyer to “feel home,” we recommend Depersonalizing rooms.

Depersonalizing: These recommendations refer to packing away personal photos and artifacts/memorabilia. The reason being, the buyer wants to envision placing their own photos and trinkets/memorabilia in the home and can't see past what is personal to you.

By no means are we asking you to discard these precious items, but merely pack them away until the offers roll in and a contract is in place.


Obligations - Cleaning and Repairs

At the very least, sellers are expected to thoroughly clean the home in preparation for in-person showings and open houses.  Be proactive and eliminate or minimize the buyer's mental repair list. Some examples: patching holes, discarding warn or stained carpets, securing hinges on doors. Try to be objective when looking around your home and use "buyers eyes".


This involves updating with simple accessories or rearranging what you already have to create clean lines and form.  In some cases, we’ll recommend purchases as valuable investments in the staging process. Examples: new throw pillows, replace area rug, update bedding. You can use these updated items in your new home.

Emotional Connection Points - Creating the “Wow Factor”

This is the fun part and a huge focus of our positioning strategy. “Emotional connection points” are designed to help the buyer "feel home". Examples: repositioning furniture to orient to a focal point (fireplace, TV or lovely landscape). We may arrange a "coffee bar" or table place settings that conjure up family gatherings and entertaining friends. IDNE specializes in eye-catching vignettes and centerpieces that draw the buyer in with vibrant color and arrangement.